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Site Smart Technology
Site Smart Technology
Site Smart  Technology
Site Smart Technology
What You Need To Know
Essential Networks
Total Automation
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Site Smart Technology 
What You Need To Know
1 Day Course / Price €200  / Nationwide Delivery
The essential continuous professional development one day course. Developed and delivered by industry experts.
This one day event is designed to equip your site principals and design team with the knowledge crucial to
enhancing outcomes and avoiding the most costly, commonly repeated technology errors made on site.
Our mission is to help you avoid frustration, duplication, delay or worse omission of essential services in today's market place.
Course Content
Module 1        Introduction To Site Smart Technology
Module 2        Smart Design & Your Projects                                                           
Module 3        Networks Your Essential Guide 
Module 4        Smart Heating Systems
Module 5        Smart Lighting Design
Module 6        Smart Building Entertainment ( TV , Cinema , Multi Room etc.)
Module 7        Remote Building Access & Control
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Smart Networks
Your Essential Guide
Half Day  / €120 / Delivery Nationwide
Increase your knowledge of smart technology networks. Essential for any 
construction professional. Unravel the black art of networks and their
application to modern life. Develop fault identification, trouble shooting 
and network resolution skills.
Course Content
Module 1        Introduction To Networks
Module 2       Network Hardware  
Module 3       Network Types                                                                                      
Module 4       Wired vs Wireless                                                      
Module 5       Cable Specification                                                           
Module 6       Network Design 
Module 7       Troubleshooting & Solutions
Module 8       Set Up & Commissioning
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Total Automation
Half Day  / €150  / Delivered Nationwide
A comprehensive course designed to introduce you into the World of 
building automation. Learn how to design your first complete automation 
platform and overcome issues and find solutions.
Course Content
Module 1             Introduction To Building Automation 
Module 2            Cable Design & Specification
Module 3            Rack Requirements
Module 4            Hardware Requirements
Module 5            Wired vs Wireless
Module 6            Automaton Building Categories
Module 7            Integration Of Dissimilar Technologies
Module 8           Troubleshooting & Solutions
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Smart Site Technology 
Troubleshooting & Solutions
1 Day  / €120 / Delivered Nationwide
Essential to any professional involved in the construction industry.
Designed to trouble shoot exiting infrastructure and deliver cost
effective resolutions.
Course Content
Module 1         Introduction To Smart Site Technology
Module 2        Elements Of Site Smart Technology
Module 3        Rack Essentials
Module 4        Networks 
Module 5        Troubleshooting Common Faults
Module 6        Solutions To Overcome Common Site Faults